The Faitlures of Globalization in the United States

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Globalization is a concept that we have heard for years, but is not until recent years that we had studied and analyzed the benefits and issues of this international term. During years, it has been discussed the implications that globalization has had in some countries, more or less of them in a decent way and some of them in a corrupted way. Since young, political figures have taught about the role of the United States in the world and how they promote the expression freedom and success around the globe. As the reading from “Globalization and Empire says; and quote: “Empires have had the greatest influence in determining the nature of the forces of globalization, they are the chief globalizers of the world. Throughout history it is clear that empires were the principle forces that determined the nature of integration of different societies in the world.”(Peter Iadicola, p.4). Being United States the first world superpower, it has some failures based on the documentary of John Pilger, where he demonstrates that because of the globalization, most of the U.S. companies are profiting from those wretched areas or countries where the workforce is at low-cost. This bring out a simple questions, is that the example leaders want to demonstrate? Hiding things that are happening around the world? The New Rulers of the World Documentary are presented to us that the globalization has marked on a vast scale the difference between the rich and the poor. They are controlling even what the

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