The Falcon 9 Rocket Explosion On September 1st

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In his Op-Ed article in response to the Falcon 9 rocket explosion on September 1st, “We Love You SpaceX, and Hope You Reach Mars, but we Need you to Focus”, Eric Berger, the author, lists objectives that SpaceX has set for itself and its contractual partner, NASA. Berger explains that following the static fire anomaly on Thursday 9/1, SpaceX needs to shift its focus from satellite launch contracts and colonizing Mars to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities with NASA. In this article, Berger his suggests that it is all about priority and SpaceX’s responsibility to honor them. SpaceX’s lack of progress in achieving the goals of its primary supporter - NASA, has left much to be desired. Eric Berger succeeds in persuading me though the appeal to ethos, logos, and pathos, the importance of addressing and honoring the covenant that they made with its funding partner. Therefore, I agree with the author as he suggests, SpaceX would help themselves considerably by pushing for the completion of the commercial crew contract.
I agree with Berger when he states, “SpaceX should double down on commercial crew” (Berger 1 p.1). According to NASA, the commercial crew “…is a contract for one or more American aerospace companies to complete development of a human space transportation system capable of carrying people into orbit, specifically to transport astronauts to the International Space Station and return them safely to Earth” (Selloff p. 1). In order to complete this contract, SpaceX

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