The Fall Down The Rabbit Hole

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The Fall Down the Rabbit Hole
Seven-year-old Alice 's curiosity leads her to follow a white rabbit down a hole into Wonderland, a magical realm permeated by nonsense and irrationality. Alice 's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll tells of the escapades of a bored, curious, and innocent young girl as she ventures into Wonderland, a world made up entirely by her imagination. Madness and rudeness govern the kingdom. During her journey, Alice faces one of the most difficult struggles in adolescence: maturing. In this novella, she learns to put her innocent childhood aside as a nostalgic remembrance and mature into a young woman. She grows up in the story by understanding her loneliness, discovering her identity, and losing her childhood innocence.
Alice initially experiences loneliness because of her lack of imagination when encountering the mystery of Wonderland and all it’s creatures. Wonderland is a magical, impossible world in which she feels both physically and psychologically lost. She is predominantly lost psychologically because she doesn’t understand or fit in with the imaginative spirit. What Alice discovers at the bottom of her fall “is another dimension where nonsense and irrationality are the norm, a place where the world as Alice has come to know it no longer makes sense—a place called ‘Wonderland.’ Alice learns to navigate the strange ways of Wonderland, although she does not exactly understand them” (Van Dyke “Adventures in Wonderland”). Alice tries to…
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