The Fall Of Napoleon Bonaparte 's Empire

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From the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte’s empire in the early 1800s, Europe became an agriculturally based society of simplicity and certainty. People all worked in their own houses, working their own hours, always knowing that they would have a job because everything they needed they could make for themselves. Plethoras of people throughout all of Europe were thriving by working in their own self interest to create the world they wanted to personally live in. They knew every night that they could have chicken from the ones they raised in their backyard and that they could have clothes by making them for themselves. In general, the vast majority of people in the era had very suitable lifestyles. The children followed in the footsteps of their parents for generation upon generation. WIth the invention of machines that could do the work of the agricultural Europeans being invented;however, Europe lost its agricultural aspect extremely rapidly as the wealthier people succumb to temptation and built factories realizing that people would buy the objects to avoid having to make them. The owners of these factories wanted to make money and so began capitalism in Europe. The owners exploited their workers to a maximum extreme. The workers in these factories were treated worse than pigs. They were allotted 2 meals per day of oatcakes and porridge at breakfast and oatcakes and milk for dinner. The nicest owners would reward the workers with brown bread and butter once per year.
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