The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

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The fall of the Berlin Wall was one of the most influential events of the Cold War. After losing the election is 1945, Winston Churchill gave a very prophetic speech about the “Iron Curtain” forming in Germany. Sixteen years later, barbed wire stretched across Germany creating the beginning of the Berlin Wall. Later reinforced with concrete, the Berlin Wall’s purpose was to stop the migration of the East Germans to West Germany. The Berlin Wall also served as a symbol of the beginning of the Cold War.
The original goal was to keep Germany from reigniting the recently extinguished flames of World War II. However, with two different countries with two alternate methods of accomplishing this goal, the country split. Before the Berlin Wall was erected, America was controlling West Germany and Russia was monitoring East Germany. According to, “Between 1949 and 1961, some 2.5 million East Germans fled from East to West Germany, most via West Berlin. By August 1961, an average of 2,000 East Germans were crossing into the West every day.” In an effort to halt this mass exodus of refugees from fleeing East Germany, Russian soldiers placed 30 miles of barbed wire that stretched across Germany. This barrier was also guarded to ensure that no East Germans crossed the border. This act triggered a trade embargo against East Germany. Russia retaliated with a land blockade around West Berlin. On August 15, 1964, the barbed wire barrier was reinforced with concrete to create the…

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