The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

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The Year That Changed The World
In The Year That Changed The World tells the first hand experience of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The main factor in the collapse of the wall was the never ending fight of the individuals who had fallen under the communist state. Most of these individuals came together and fought in order to achieve their goal of a non-communist state and German unification. The Cold War was the conflict between the Eastern bloc (Communist) against the Western Bloc (Capitalist), the separation between them began to be known as the Iron Curtain. The Berlin Wall was physical representation of the war for most people, a city divided into two. This important part of history led to the beginning of the Cold War period and the end. The fall of the Berlin Wall made 1989 the year that changed the world. In The Year That Changed the World Meyer conveys that success is easily accomplished in cooperation rather than separation.
“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” President Ronald Reagan’s famous expression, when he last visited Berlin in 1987, as a clear call to bring the Cold War to an end. According to the United States, we had won, so this side of history goes; because Ronald Reagan stood his ground against the Soviet Union, America had toppled the communist empire. Michael Meyer, a reporter who was in Eastern Europe at the time for Newsweek, has a different side.
Meyer creates a compelling report of the revolutions that occurred in Eastern Europe in the years

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