The Fall Of The House Of The Usher

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Edgar Allen Poe stories are viewed as being supernatural and tragic; however, when given a closer look there is much more to meet the eye. His stories give the readers an insight of his life and a more profound meaning than what 's on the surfaces. "Although Poe was not the social outcast that Baudelaire conceived him to be, he was, and still is, perhaps the most thoroughly misunderstood of all American write" (Stovall 417). Poe 's poems and short stories can be analyzed in serval different perspectives. Take such as, Poe 's "The Fall of the House of the Usher" can be interpreted for most people as a story about a bizarre relationship between sister and brother. The story appears to just be about a family that only marries within the…show more content…
Roderick is following the same path as the Usher 's, which they have been doing for many generations, before him. He had no other choice and through the years was molded to believe that he should be his own sister 's lover. They were raised more of future lovers than as siblings. The line between lovers and family was never drawn for them, so the family secret also stayed with their family. The secrets sealed "in the direct line of descent" (Poe 703). Another key factor for intermarriage is to keep any property they own in the Usher 's name. The family house could possibly be the last thing that the Usher own. Once the house fall in someone else handles who knows what could have happened. The house was not in the greatest structures, one flaw being the crack that ran down the center of the house. That house held everything that was the Usher and when Roderick and Madeline died the house came down right after them. The tragedy to love someone, but cannot be with them is the downfall of the Ushers and their history. Roderick and Madeline are a twisted story of Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet with the exact same ending, both lovers dies. Poe took that love story and turned it into his own twisted of his love story. Two-star cross lovers that just want to live in peace in
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