The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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Sophie Loren Plays a Leading Role in the Fall of the Roman Empire? The reason for the fall of the Roman Empire is a controversial topic under much historical debate. How did such a great empire, known for being one of the largest that lasted over a millennium, fall? The Roman Empire transitioned from a republic to an empire in 31 BCE. Augustus Caesar was the first emperor. He created harmony in Rome, but not in calendars as he added August as the eighth month to follow July, which was named after Julius Caesar. Apparently, being the first emperor of the powerful Roman Empire was not enough. Many things were not enough for the Romans. It was their strive for power and land that they were able to build up their legendary empire, but it would also be one of their greatest downfalls. The Roman Empire was at its acme in 117 CE. It stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the Euphrates River in the Middle East, but like the stock market, it crashed or fell. The empire would grow too vast to be ruled by solely the central government of Rome, so in 285 CE Emperor Diocletian divided the empire into a Western and an Eastern Empire. Each empire would have its own leaders. When speaking of the Fall of Rome, many only account the Western Empire. Some historians believe that this split alone was what caused Rome to fall. However, others believe that there are multiple factors that caused the fall of the Roman Empire. In fact, most classicists, those who study ancient Greek and Latin,

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