The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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All throughout western civilization, the Roman Empire was a powerful governing build. Political, economic and social entities advocated for the success of the empire. However, the question still remains, how was it possible that the very things that once made the empire great could be the sole reasons for its decline? There are substantial reasons as to why the empire fell. Constant occurrences in succession from another—whether internal or external—led to the fall rather than one single event. The fall of the Roman Empire was a combination of both internal and external pressures, however, the purpose of this paper is to identify the internal factories that resulted in the fall of the Roman Empire. The Huns and the End of the Roman…show more content…
Rome’s army conquered the ancient world, however, by the 3rd and 4th century the Roman army had begun to plummet. Administrative and reasonable turmoil was inevitable, considering the immense amount of territory to govern. Santosuosso questions how “a powerful empire as Rome could raise an army to guard this frontier but was unable to meet this attacks” (Santosuosso 97)? It’s quite simple, Romans were not able to communicate the management of their means efficiently, resulting in Rome’s struggle to assemble enough troops, let alone resources, in order to defend their frontiers from either outside attacks. With morality high and a very small recruitment pool, the financing and administration process did in fact become a burden. In addition, Roman technology was very low during this time, the lower class provided for those consumers paying little to no taxes at all; “the wealthiest groups of all was the senatorial order, who avoided financial obligations by way of privilege” (Heather, p. 98). Tax money soon ran out due to the payment refusal, which meant a lack in military funds. No longer able to hold their status, the military soon lacked recruiting Roman citizens which meant that non-patriotic citizens were to be enlisted. This only gave opposing forces leverage for future invasions. Generally, military technologies declined

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