The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire was a powerful governing body of extensive political and social structures throughout western civilization. How did this empire fall and were internal factories responsible? Slow occurrences in succession to one another led to the fall of the empire rather than one single event. The fall of the Roman Empire was a combination of both internal and external pressures, not just one, leading up to the complete decay of the cities—Rome and Constantinople. However, one could argue how one factory played a more important role than the other. The Huns and the End of the Roman Empire in Western Europe, written by Peter Heather and Storming the Heaven: Soldiers, Emperors and Civilians in the Roman Empire, written by Antonio…show more content…
The monopoly of military power in the hands of few and its connection between the armed forced and the values of the state grew to be problematic throughout the Roman era. The Roman army dominated the ancient world, however, in the 3rd and 4th cent ury the Roman army had begun to plummet. With such a vast territory to govern, the empire was faced with both administrative and logistical horrors. In Santosuosso’s article, he questioned how a powerful empire as Rome could raise an army to guard this frontier but was unable to meet this attacks. Simple, the Romans were unable to effectively communicate management of their holdings meaning that Rome struggled to marshal enough troops and resources to defend its frontiers from local rebellions and outside attacks. With morality high, a very small recruitment pool, the financing and administration process became to be a burden. Problems with the administration meant the increase tax collection and inflation—which caused the gap between the wealthy and the impoverished. Roman technology was very low during this time and the lower class (i.e., the manpower) provided for those consumers paying little to no taxes at all; the wealthiest groups of all was the senatorial order, who avoided financial obligations by way of privilege.The military soon lacked recruiting Roman citizens
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