The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire was undoubtedly the most powerful Empire the Mediterranean area had ever seen. However, the inevitable Roman Empire was destined to fall after the series of problems that made the once prominent empire fade away. Rome was easily the center of the world at its time and the idea that such an influential empire would eventually fall was unheard of. The Roman Empire was not built in a day; therefore it was not destroyed in one day. The powerful empire declined for many reasons, but the question still lingers “What was the true fall of the Roman Empire?” Marcus Aurelius successor, Commodus is thought to have started the fall of Roman Empire. Commodus was the son of Marcus Aurelius, and was believed to have filled his father’s shoes. Commodus was a very paranoid emperor. He was so paranoid that he even created 120 holidays to keep people entertained. This period is known as The Bread and Circuses period. Commodus is considered to be the fall of Rome, because he had every male of the Julio-Claudian family killed, and also because he failed to name his successor. By failing to do so Commodus forced Rome to start using Barrack Emperors. Using the Barrack Emperors caused a downfall in the economy, because the new emperors would spend more money to win the people over to avoid being killed. This lead to a domino effect and caused many problems within the Roman Empire, which is why many consider this the fall of Rome. Diocletian has also been thought to have caused

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