The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The mighty Roman Empire thought by many to be the ultimate stronghold had its days numbered. Many factors led to the fall of the Roman Empire, from inflation to its poor leaders and generals, but it wasn’t just one thing that caused the entire empire to fall it was a series of events that caused this juggernaut of an empire to meet its sad demise. The fall all began in 235 when the Roman throne was able to be taken by any general who had the military power to seize it. This caused many military generals to create an army that was loyal to them instead of the Empire so they could have power for themselves instead of trying to improve the Roman Empire. The result from this was that Rome didn’t have one ruler who took control over the entire Empire it was many. From 235 to 284 in the course of 49 years there had been 22 emperors, each emperor making and changing laws at their will but making it confusing to the residents of Rome since the Laws had been changed so many times by different people. This caused much confusion over Rome and it didn’t help that at the same time the empire was in the middle of being attacked by a series of different empires. Invasions, leadership problems and a plague that broke out nearly caused an economic collapse in the third century. Labor affected by the plague caused problems with military recruiting and economy since most people were dying and nothing could be done. This made it difficult for the Roman armies to defend Rome so they recruited

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