The Fall and Rise of Euro Disney

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The Fall and Rise of Euro Disney Introduction: Euro Disney is well known as one of the greatest failures in corporate history. Indeed, its initial lack of success was so great that, in an effort to distance themselves from the tainted name, Disney now identifies the site as Disneyland Paris. The discussion here lends some insight into a few of the reasons for Euro Disney's disastrous early performance. History: The French cite for Euro Disney was established in 1985, however the process of determining the theme park's location would be a long one. The process which began in the early 1970s, when the Disney Corporation first seriously entertained the notion of entering the European theme park market would, by 1984, reach a point of serious realization. At this juncture, its key decision-makers were considering as many as 1200 different locations throughout the continent, with a determined vision to replicate the model successfully exercised in the United States, where an ideal plot of land would be acquired and converted into its own town. (DLP, 1) This class of candidates would be whittled down quickly according to a very large number of criteria, which would include "vacation patterns of Europeans, topography, infrastructure, climate, available land, local economy, labour market and existing touristic attractions." (DLP, 1) Growth: From the start, Euro Disney's attendance numbers would be dramatically disappointing, producing a considerable shortfall in early growth

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