The Fall of Great Societies

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Imagine a world where there were no problems, and everyone is happy. Few societies have not even been close to being this perfect. Great societies fail due to weak security systems, poverty, and inequality. The failed societies of Ancient Rome, Africa, and the dystopian novel Divergent by Veronica Roth, are all examples of great societies failing because of these three reasons. Weak security systems can be a huge impact on why societies have failed. In the book Divergent, the security system is available to hack into. This is not good to hack into computer systems because it can ruin all of the data of the society. Veronica Roth writes, “ He presses the screen again, and everyone on the first floor goes still. There arms drop to the sides. And then the Dauntless move..... All the tension in my chest unravels, and I sit down, heaving a sigh... “ I have to get the data,” he says, “ or they’ll just start the simulation again.”.... “ Got it,” says Tobias, holding up the computer’s hard drive” (Roth 480). This is not good for the society because if all of the data is able to hack into, the society is in danger. Invasions and attacks are popular ways that lead to societies failing. According to the video we watched, “Romans fought against themselves for control of the empire. They tried to defend it but it stretched as it was, the economy began to fail, but then came invasion. In the Western Empire, many citizens lost the will to fight. Then Rome’s security system came apart.
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