The Fall of Rome and Nazi Germany

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Societies flourish and fall, all of them do. They fight and suffer and even kill to keep their society alive. As a result, societies like ancient Rome and Nazi Germany, eventually fall and crumble. Over time some of these societies recover, but are never the same again. Societies fail due to political corruption, loss of resources and war. These obstacles are hard to overcome, but not impossible. These obstacles weaken and tear at societies, until they finally break, turning them into a piece of history.

Political Corruption and the fall of government are one of the main reasons why societies fail.
Lina and Doon have found many things in the City of Ember. One of them leading through the pipeworks, to the Mayors “Secret Hiding Place”. They had discovered that the Mayor had been stealing food from the citizens in Ember, when everyone else actually needed the supplies more than him. Jeanne DuPrau writes,“I’m worried because the mayor of our city is taking for himself the things that people need” (DuPrau 176).

In the 1900’s during the time of the Great War Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany. He ruled everything his citizens did including public communication, jobs, and especially the military. At this time there was a large feud between races and the minorities were not treated equally. All of these problems eventually led to the downfall of Nazi Germany. “The leader gained support for his ideas through informational text, which filled the popular media with
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