Essay on The Fall of Russia

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Reforms and ethnic problems helped the Soviet Union collapse in 1991. What was the next move to help Russia be a major power in the world? Boris Yeltsin would lead Russia through most of the decade promoting something known as democracy and better living conditions than the Soviet Union. There would be some failures along with success however once Yeltsin was too old for the job he would find a successor. Hence, Yeltsin would pass the presidency on to Putin and the promotion of democracy would be severely limited by a authoritarian leader wanting more power. Corruption during the 1990’s would increase and expand with the developments of the Russian Mafia. “Many Russians believed that the unbridled pursuit of individual interests during…show more content…
People came to accept that the faults of Yeltsin's "democrats" by the collapse of the USSR and drop in living standards. The democrats were to blame for the series of crises of the 1990s, and above all for the serious crisis of 1998 with the collapse of the ruble. Democratic models of political order lost their appeal while others would want to readopt Communism or anything that would improve the overall quality of life. Hence, concepts of freedom and human rights were once more relegated to the margins of people's thinking becoming less democratic. Instead, the regime programmed people with the notion of social order, with traditional attitudes to great power, superiority and history, “Orthodoxy” the primary religion of the state and military. The area where politics and civil society should have been was "purged" decreasing the rights of citizens unknowingly. “If participation were not contained, the Kremlin feared the state would lose control; if the constraints were too tight, citizens would not participate, and the state would again need a cumbersome bureaucracy to get things done (Richter 41). Political parties, independent television channels, non governmental and public organizations, the system of elections,
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