The Fall of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby Essay

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The Roaring 20's was an era of decadence and endless possibility. The American Dream was something that everyone coveted. Essentially, The American Dream meant that anyone who had the talent and worked hard enough, could achieve it. Money, a loving spouse, and status all showed that a person had been successful in their life and were vital points to the American Dreams of the Characters in the Great Gatsby. Many of them strived in their own way to achieve “the dream”, however, twisted ideals of love, wealth, and class led to the eventual fall of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby. Love was turned into a conquest in The Great Gatsby instead of what love should really be; deep feelings of care and affection towards a person.…show more content…
He rationalizes that in order to “place himself in a position to marry Daisy, he ha[d] change his identity...and create a show of his wealth.” (Stocks). By doing so, he perverted the real meaning of love. If someone does not feel romantically towards you, changing yourself will not make them love them any more. Gatsby's peacock display of wealth shows that his dream of “love and accomplishment [was] distorted by the values of property and possession.” (Callahan). If he was really searching for love, he would have realized that by trying to attain Daisy, he was at a dead end street. He would have not had his heart broken when she returned to Tom had he realized this. Gatsby “place[d] all of his hope for happiness in Daisy” (Hearne) and was ultimately crushed and “emptied of love and ambition” (Callahan) when he realized that he would not possess what would make his American Dream complete. In The Great Gatsby, money is a key part in everyone's “dream”. Most people will go through great lengths to achieve wealth and that is all in accordance to the American Dream. As soon as you start illegally attaining that money is when it distorts the true meaning of the “Dream”. Even though “America is the land founded upon life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the means...of that happiness can be corrupt or misguided.” (Hearne). Essentially, in The Great Gatsby, their ideals state that the
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