The Fall of the Berlin Wall

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“The fall of the Berlin Wall is very much a sequel, a continuation of the story about Eastern Europe emerging from war and communism. The nation of presenting history as a story also appealed to me very much, since that is the way I look at the events I cover as a reporter. -Serge Schmemann The Berlin Wall was a symbol of division between two different political beliefs and two different ways of life. The population during this time was about 3.4 million. This started the Cold War and ended it. Just because of one mans (Nikita Khrushchev) approval to raise the wall; the citizens of Germany were forced to live twenty- eighty years without freedom. Berlin Wall also known as the “Iron Curtain” was ninety six miles long and twelve feet high. The Berlin Wall erected in the dead of night. Just past midnight, while Berliner’s were sleeping, crews of soldiers tore up the streets dug holes to set up concrete posts and fixed up barbed wire on top. Telephone wires were cut off between the wall. The Berlin Wall had very few openings. For example, the main access opening was called “Checkpoint Charlie”. It was used for allies personal and westerners to cross the border. It was decided during World War II when Germany lost, that Berlin was to be divided between America, France, and Great Britain. The Soviet Union started the war and wanted to spread communism around Eastern Europe and West Germany did not want that. This turning point was a physical symbol of the Cold War.

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