The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Disintegration of the Soviet Union

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Communism is defined as a political and economical doctrine, the aim which is to abolish private ownership of property and for-profit enterprise and to replace these with public ownership and control of industry, agriculture, and resources (“Communism”). The product of this government is supposed to be a society free of class ranking based on wealth, property, and political power. The Soviet Union was the first country to test these governmental strategies and it did not take long for the regime to collapse. The inevitable collapse of communism led to the fall of the Berlin Wall; this started the domino effect of freedom that ultimately led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. On Sunday, August 13th, in 1962 the Eastern German government…show more content…
During the Soviet Union regime the health care system became socialized and citizens were allowed to have full health care without charge. The Soviet Union was also the first country to have an equal number of hospital beds to citizens (Hoeppler). Even though they had great access to heath care the hospitals lacked the essentials needed for the hospitals to operate up to standards. “In 1990, 24 percent of hospitals did not have adequate pluming, 19 percent lacked central heat, 45 percent lacked bathrooms or showers, 49 percent had no hot water, and 15 present operated without any water at all”(Hoeppler). These conditions were unacceptable according to Boris Yeltsin. In June of 1991, Yeltsin won the presidential election in Russia. He became the first Russian leader to stand in a legitimate election. Yeltsin inspired mass demonstrations against the 1991 attempt to overthrow Gorbachev’s, the president before him, government (“The Fall of the Soviet Union”). This brought him popularity. Yeltsin decided to capitalize on his popularity by going forward with radical reform policies. After doing things like banning the CPSU, confiscating CPSU’s assets, and distributing the state’s assets to the populace. So, it did not take Yeltsin much time at all to start to dismantle the Soviet Union (“The Fall of the Soviet Union”). The fall of the Soviet Union became the most dramatic event of the twentieth century. With the Soviet Union being the world’s first communistic state it
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