The Fall of the House of Usher

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“The Fall of the House of Usher” is a classic horror story written by Edgar Allen Poe. Edgar wrote descriptively through the physical setting, the first person point of view, and the uniquely dynamic characters. These elements worked together to create suspense and kept the readers curious. The first fiction of element begins in the very first paragraph. The unknown narrator described the day as a “dull, dark, and soundless day in the autumn of the year…”. The setting while the narrator was driving described the day as a cloudy day and in autumn. This season usually represents dying, which led the readers to the House of Usher. Next the narrator explains the landscape and exterior appearance of the house. “I looked upon the mere…show more content…
Upon arrival the narrator notices the house, later he entered the house and noticed many strange paintings, and unfortunately he experienced the sight of what was told to be Rodrick’s dead sister Madeline as she “rose from the dead”. When the narrator walked through the house he was extremely disturbed by the paintings that hung on the walls. He explained that he felt like the paintings were following as he passed by. When he reached Rodrick’s room he was immediately greeted by his friend and saw the great amount of aging he had experienced also. Rodrick’s appearance included his thin and pallid lips, a finely molded chin, hair of a more than web-like softness and tenuity. The narrator went on explaining that his friend looked lonely and he felt half pity and half of awe. Edgar wrote this story in first point of view to bring the details and descriptions of the narrator’s experiences and the overall landscape of the house. The last major element of fiction that was in the short story would be the characters and the events and emotions they experienced. The first character brought into the story would be the narrator. Even though the narrator’s name is not known, readers usually connect with this character. The narrator undergoed many emotions such as curiosity, unassurance, and toward the end bewilderment. Through the narrator we get to know the Rodrick on a higher level.
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