The Fall of the Newspaper and the Rise of the Internet: A Critical Analysis

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‘The Fall of the Newspaper and the Rise of the Internet: A Critical Analysis’

Recently I have come across a subject area that I feel very passionate about, as a designer rooted heavily in the printed word. I want to find out how it is happening, why, and whether we can halt it – if at all. Should we even try? I believe this is something many people are concerned about, and there is much scope for ideas.
I intend to conduct research into the widespread fall of newspaper sales, and how the Internet is causing this, if it is even. Furthermore I will branch out into whether the journalists themselves are to blame, or simply because of citizens’ lack of interest in news, whether it is in the newspaper or the
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Finally I would devote some time to investigating how design interacts with newspapers, or the Internet, particularly in how they boost readership and the variances involved in a number of newspapers, such as the differences between Sun/Tabloid, Guardian/Berliner, The Times/Broadsheet and how those reflect in who reads which, what they seek in news percentages etc.

Research Methods From Part 1
As mentioned briefly above I hope to conduct interviews with the general public, journalists and Internet bloggers. I will ask questions that are not only relevant to their area of expertise, but also their opinion on issues, such as the cause of such steep newspaper decline. My interviewees will be local as well as national – hopefully international. After which I will establish the interviews as primary research in my dissertation. Furthermore interviews or a list of written questions to willing designers who specialize in editorial design to capture their viewpoint for my argument.

Keywords From Part 1 Newspapers Internet Consumerism News Editorial Design Printing Journalism Blogging Politics Freedom Demographics Society Publishing Technological Advances Culture Choice

Chapter Synopsis
Introduction Outlining my aims, objectives and reasoning behind my topic choice. In relation to this I will also explain how I came to choosing this topic and also explaining in broad terms my general methodology.

Chapter One: The Origins of Print
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