The Fall of the Soviet Union

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The fall of the Soviet Union Before one can understand the fall of the Soviet Union, he has to know how the nation came into being and the leaders, and the location of the country and the time period of its reign. How did the Soviet Union come into existence? Through the 1900’s the Soviet Union was entangled in a vast number of conflicts all because they wanted to spread communism. Subsequently, the rampant spread of communism and Soviet ideals had an impact in the First World War, Second World and Cold War. Under the authoritarian control of Russian leaders the budget for the military and various sectors clarifies that the Soviet Union in its existence failed.
The Russian Empire began to disintegrate in 1917 starting with The
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At a convention known as the “Geneva Summit Meeting” these two men assented to the idea of Gorbachev that the utilization of strategic weapons be terminated. As a result, they met again in 1986 at Reykjavik, Iceland to finalize the reduction agreement but it did not succeed. Although Reagan complemented the plan, he complained because it would require a voluminous amount of money and it would be a failure. Gorbachev wanted to get the USSR back on its foot and he formulated reform known as perestroika, standing for “restructuring” and a freer system of politics known as glasnost or “openness”. With this intention, the strength of the Soviets military expenditure had to cut. More importantly, Gorbachev and President Reagan signed a treaty banning terrestrial missiles in Europe known as the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty. Due to Gorbachev’s agreement to weaken and withdraw Soviet troops from other countries, the USSR began to weaken. His alterations sparked revolutions from many people in East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania in 1989. Above all, communism was coming to an end. In November 1989, the Berlin Wall of Germany which its construction was initiated Khrushchev of the Soviet Union was torn down. As a matter of fact, these entire events foreshadowed to the Soviets their rule was coming to an end. In 1990, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia gained their independence from Moscow and a year later the Soviet Union

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