The Fallacy Of Valuing College Majors

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The Fallacy of Valuing College Majors In modern America, the level of expectations employers have for their applicants is as high as ever. As a result, more people are now seeking ways to enhance their employability skill-sets. One of most common and effective way to enhance the skill-sets is obtaining a college degree. It should come as no surprise then, that the rate of people attending higher education institutions in America is greater than ever before. With this in mind, the question then arises, which college major yields the most useful set of skills for a successful life? Nicholaos Jones, Philosophy Professor at University of Alabama, offered his perspective on this topic in his article, Liberal Arts and the Advantages of Being …show more content…
Responses will vary pertaining to which major possesses more value as well as the reasoning that supports ones’ conviction. Nicholaos Jones, for example, argues that Liberal Arts majors are above all because, “they foster development of one’s personal identity [and] make people better citizens”(10). He then goes on to explain how other majors such as, “Engineering, Nursing, Business- make people useful to others for specialized purposes; but they do not make people better citizens”(11). Although his notion holds true, many aspects of his argument are clearly being disregarded. Let’s look at Physics major Elon Musk for example. An entrepreneur regarded as one of the most influential people in the world by many media outlets throughout society, most notably Time Magazine. Musk is a proclaimed leader of the environmental preservation movement and still maintains an exceptional understanding and influence in both government and society. To argue that he lacks intellectual curiosity or innovation because he’s not a major in Liberal Arts is absurd, considering he’s one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of our time. Musk is a real life member of society that clearly puts the validity of Jones’ bold argument into contention. This example, provides evidence supporting the association of the skills necessary for a successful life is not limited only to Liberal Arts majors, but are acquired by any individual in college with a strong ambition and willingness to seize the

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