The Fallible Mastermind Of Claudius : Hamlet

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The Fallible Mastermind of Claudius: Hamlet
In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, King Claudius is widely understood to simultaneously be both well-spoken and extremely intelligent, two characteristics that, added up, complement his dangerous and manipulative motives and nature. However, it is his truly his loud conscience that contributes to the complexity of Claudius as a villain. Though he seemed to have pragmatically planned and executed his goal to take the throne from King Hamlet, he still encountered certain events that even strategic preparation could not predict, such as the appearance of the ghost of his King Hamlet that ultimately made Prince Hamlet seek revenge on Claudius’ wicked ways.
In the work, it is easily concluded that Hamlet is introduced as a deeply disturbed man who is in a state of depression due to the untimely death of his beloved father, and how hastily his mother married his own flesh and blood uncle. In Act 1 Scene 2, Claudius gives Hamlet an overzealous speech to attempt and get him to stop mentioning his father’s name, more than likely proving his fear that the more the late King was remembered, the more likely people were to research his untimely death. While it is definitely twisted, one may find it understandable that he wanted Hamlet to move on in a quicker fashion. This confrontation appeared to be carefully planned out, almost as if Claudius had been preemptively holding onto it in written form. Hamlet definitely was mourning his father for a
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