The Falling Girl Essay

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Introduction Introductory Statement (Hook & Harness): Insecurity influences one’s mental state substantially and impacts their ability to make reasonable decisions and may change the outlook on life. Through Marta and Earl relationship with Doreen depicts they must uphold a social standards. Thesis: Thorough examination of the character's perspective, themes of insecurity, and the authors implicated message from text to reality reveals that "They're not my husband" by Raymond Carver is bleak and weak in comparison to Dino Buzzati's “The Falling Girl” when discussing the adversity of women to uphold appearances in society. Body Paragraph #1 Argument #1 (Both Texts): Character perspective Class division - In the story “The…show more content…
Supporting Evidence for Text #1: When Carver mentioned “Marta no longer saw just groups of carefree people inside the apartments; at times there were even some businesses where the employees, in black or blue aprons, were sitting at desks in long rows” (Buzzati 2). During her fall, she observed the shift between the wealthy and those who are impoverished. The building as a whole depicted class division where the rich were dominant known at the top of the hierarchy and others working hard placed at the bottom. Supporting Evidence for Text #2 In “They’re not your husband”, Earl told his wife “I think you’d better consider going on a diet. I mean it. I’m serious you could stand to lose a few pounds” (Carver 2). This example clearly showed the comments from the businessmen impacted Earl in wanting his wife Doreen to look a certain way and fit in with society. Body Paragraph #2 Argument #2 (Both Texts): Theme of Insecurity Others perspectives - In the beginning, others thought she was beautiful and while she descends her beauty faded away as she fell. In contrast to Doreen, the view from the businessmen caused Earl to see a bleak of light in a tunnel which was the turning point in choosing to lose weight. The perspectives of other impacted these characters to dynamically change physically and mentally. Paranoia - Not to mention, the perspectives caused them to become paranoid. While Marta
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