The Fame of Coco Chanel

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In the roaring 1920’s, women were in corsets, that restricted many women to not eat nor breathe. That’s when Coco Chanel change everything for women, that made her career in the fashion industry go through the roof. Before Coco became an icon in the fashion industry, she was put in an orphanage ever since her dad had left her sister and her. Coco was then raised by nuns, which is where she was taught to sew, a skill will help her to fame. Though her name wasn’t always Coco, her birth name was Gabrielle Chanel. Her nickname came from her first job as a singer at clubs around where she lived, that is France. It was up until her relationship with Etienne Balsan, that funded Coco’s first store. Her first store was located in Paris Cambon in 1910, where she sold hats for women. Coco later on left Etienne for one of his friends, Arthur Capel, that was wealthier than him. Arthur also help start up Coco’s fashion career. It wasn’t till Coco was seen wearing her husbands jersey that made her a fashion icon. Since then her career has been lucrative. Chanel introduced men clothing to women, she designed suits without collars and fitted shirts that made her an instant fashion icon. Coco Chanel’s clothing accentuated comfort to women in the 1920’s. After her death Coco Chanel has left popular fashion industry, she was important in the 1920’s that changed how women dressed. Coco Chanel was influential in the roaring 1920’s because she introduced men clothing into the women fashion. Coco
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