The, Family, And Family Structure

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The most fundamental of a family is interaction. The interconnectedness among family members helps to maintain a family structure. According to McGoldrick (2006), family patterns repeat from one generation to the next generation. These triangular patterns are impacting functioning, relationships, and family structure. Looking at the current and historical context of the family, the genogram illustrated some repetitive patterns in Michelle’s family. There were many intergenerational losses and lack of connections among the family members.
The unresolved mourning could be traced to the generation of David’s parents. Starting from the generation of David’s parents, there were a few losses, such as miscarriage or potentially stillbirth. It is likely that David’s parents were grieving over the loss of his brother, therefore David was named after his elder brother. This might be a form of remembrance or he may be a replacement child of his elder brother. It is also likely that David’s mother; Edith did not have the space to grieve over her miscarriages that contributed to her having an affair with their best friend, Bob. At the same time, it is also likely that David’s father was sharing the same emotions as Edith. Consequently, when he lost his children and best friend, he turned to alcohol for coping. Apart from experiencing losses of siblings at a younger age, David lost his parents and wife when he is a grown up man. His father passed away due to liver disease

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