The Family And Love Of A Good Christian Woman

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The story begins in Ndotsheni, a Native village in the Natal. The protagonist is Stephen Kumalo who is the village’s reverend. One day he receives a letter from a minister in Johannesburg, Theophilus Msimangu, asking him to come to the city as his sister Gertrude is sick. Kumalo decides to go, despite the difficulty and expense, as he has also lost contact with his son, Absaolom. Kumalo arrives in Johannesburg and Msimangu (who will largely act as the author’s voice) arranges for him to stay with a Christian woman named Mrs. Lithebe. Mrs. Lithebe shows the hospitality and love of a good Christian woman, a theme that goes throughout the novel. Kumalo finds that Gertrude has begun to sell liquor as well as herself, as a prostitute. He manages to convince her to return with him to their village with her son when he is finished in the city. Later Msimangu takes Kumalo to Kumalo’s brother, John, as they begin the search for Kumalo’s son. John has stopped attending church and now has a mistress as his wife has left him. John’s sinful state symbolizes the classic Christian view of those who have fallen away from the Faith and matches the heavy Christian themes of the novel. Nevertheless, Msimangu tells Kumalo that John is one of the most important black politicians in Johannesburg. John says he doesn’t know where either of their sons are after they left together to work at a textile factory. From there they are directed to a woman named Mrs. Ndlela’s house and she in
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