The Family And Medical Leave Act

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Federal family policies have many components and rules. Each piece can greatly affect several dimensions of life – even if they are unintended. The Family and Medical Leave Act is one example of a policy that influences multiple aspects of life; such as family, finances and economics, and employer attitudes. Through research, we can assess the quality of policies and suggest changes that might be helpful for the entire population. Policy Description and Overview The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, is “a federal law that provides unpaid, job-protested leave to eligible employees, both male and female, to care for their families or themselves for specified family and medical conditions”, which was passed in 1993 (Seccombe, 2012, p.…show more content…
In addition, it has been noted that the access and time-span of maternity leave offered by a job greatly affects the amount of time it takes to return to work and future family-work relationships (Guendelman, Goodman, Kharrazi, & Lahiff, 2014). Those who were offered more than 12 weeks of maternity leave were more likely to return than those offered less (Guendelman, Goodman, Kharrazi, & Lahiff, 2014). Although this policy is highly complex, I chose to focus on impacts on gender roles, maternal health, children’s development, finances, and employer’s attitudes because these were the aspects that seemed to be abundantly clear throughout the research. Impact on Family Maternity leave policies have a significant impact on family roles, postpartum maternal health, and child development. According to Vahration (2009), mothers taking unpaid maternity leave are enforcing traditional gender roles within the family in order to compensate for their husband’s high earnings. Therefore, perpetuating discrimination in the work place by encouraging women, rather than men, to leave and take care of their children. In addition to enforcing gender roles, the Southern Economic Journal (2005) states that a longer maternity leave has a more
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