The Family Arrives At The Airport

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(airplane ride to Spain) (Tyler) Why do we have to move from Italy to spain!!! I left everything behind!! (Hulien) Calm down Tyler don’t forget I 'm your father. (strict voice) (Narrator) The Oliveira family arrives at the airport. (Irina) Ahhh finally I couldn’t stay another minute in that plane!!! I can’t wait to arrive at our new home!! (Narrator) The Oliveira family arrive to the new mansion. (Hulien) what do you guys think of it? (Irina) (sigh) Wow it’s bigger than the other mansion in Italy! (Tyler) it’s awful! I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN THIS MANSION AND I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN SPAIN ALL I WANT IS TO GO BACK HOME!!(angry) (Irina) (yelling)Tyler, you are a 16 years old; when you turn 18 you can make your own decision!…show more content…
When they were going to enter the elevator the sisters bumped into the Olivera brothers and fell on the floor. ( Anahi and Kathina) ahh (Emmett) are you guys okay? (picking the Salvatore sisters up) (Anahi and Kathina) yeah thanks (Tyler) watch where you 're going!! (Emmett) Don’t talk to them like that, it was an accident (Narrator) Tyler walks away with distinctive look on his face. (Emmett) Hi my name is Emmett Olivera my father is the new president of the company. And please excuse my brothers behavior he is in a very bad mood. (Emmett said to Kathina and Anahi) (Anahi) Hello my name is Anahi Salvator and this is my sister Kathina. (Kathina)Hi nice to meet you too! (Emmett) since you guys were on your way out would you like to go to get something to eat. (Kathina) oh no thank you we appreciate it (Emmett) oh come on it would make up for my brothers rudeness. (Anahi) I am very sorry I have somewhere to be but you guys can go ahead! (Emmett) thats okay with me what about you? (Kathina) yeah thats fine, okay I’ll see you at home. (Narrator) Kathina and Emmett left the office (Emmett) Where would you like to go eat Kathina? (Kathina) You pick the place. (Emmett)No You pick the place. (Kathina) Okay take me to your favorite restaurant. (Emmett) Okay I hope you like it. (Kathina) What 's the name of your favorite restaurant? (Emmett) La Fonda Espanya. (Kathina) I hear it’s wonderful. (Narrator) kathina instantly gets nervous
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