The Family Aspect Of The Quilt

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In a perfect world, the Caribbean is like a quilt that has been stitched together by a mother or grandmother. It eventually comes together to form a unique blanket that incorporates a multi-dimensional group of different pieces of colors and sizes in its final product. The maternal aspect of the quilt, represents the Euro-colonial influence that was responsible for the colonialization of the Caribbean region. All patches have their own unique shape and design, and eventually come together to make a fragmented image on the quilt. The fragmented image, created by different colors, shapes and patterns, represent the different cultures and races that are all interrelated to each other in the Caribbean. And each individual patch, represents a different island nation, and the thread, cotton and embroidery that weaves the patches together, represents the languages and ideologies that have come together over the course of history, to bond these island nations together.
Today, however, the Caribbean countries struggle a great deal with human development. These struggles have arisen as a result of the lack of unity in self-identity, with respect to the idea of fragmentation. Mintz describes fragmentation to be a patchwork quilt of societies and cultures, which arose through the colonization and exploitation of the Caribbean region. This exploitation of the regions resources, such as sugar, coffee, gold and other natural resources, by the colonizing country (France, England, Spain
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