Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act

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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA 1974) or the Buckley Amendment addresses educational records, more so the release of such records by institutions getting federal funds. Student records can be released with written consent from the student to external sources or can be obtained by college officials with legitimate interests such as advisers who hope to evaluate the academic progress of the members. Advisers are still encouraged to either get consent from the student or request a copy of the records from the student. Educational records show patterns when considered carefully. For instance, a member can be a “B” average student before participating in an organization but her grade may either fall or become better indicating some sort of relation. In this case, as an adviser, I am posed with the responsibility of helping students balance the best of both worlds. Not every student member will be forthcoming about their academic sanding but when a student opens up about a situation, I will use the appropriate referral source like tutoring services offered by the department or support services.

Another federal policy is The Campus Sex Crimes Act and Higher Education Opportunity Act both deal with sexual misconduct. While the Campus Sex Crimes Act ensures that all students, staff who are offenders register their conduct in a system, the Higher Education Act makes room for any disciplinary or investigative proceedings to be detailed to the victim or a next
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