The Family Environment Can Have A Positive Or Negative

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The family environment can have a positive or negative effect on academic achievement. The purpose of this study is to understand how a negative family environment can adversely affect academic achievement. It is imperative to understand what is meant by negative family environment for the study to be relevant to the understanding of how it effects academic achievement. This study will address poverty, culture and diversity, homelessness, parental involvement, and teacher beliefs.
Poverty affects approximately 15 million children in the United States (Jiang et al., 2015). Children living in poverty, struggle daily to survive. The effects of poverty on academic achievement have been a topic of conversation and research in urban
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Homelessness is one of the biggest issues faced by schools today. Children living in foster homes, living with friends or relatives, or living in shelters often struggle in school. Although some foster homes have loving and caring adults, a large percentage of students attending urban schools who live in foster homes, do not have a good home life. Also, children living in foster homes have most likely been victims of violence and have trauma which impedes their academic success. Homeless children struggle with being transient and not having a safe and stable environment in which to thrive. Homeless children are at a larger risk of academic failure than children living in poverty. This has been a struggle especially when it comes to identifying and providing adequate resources for these children.
The theory that children living in a negative family environment, with little to no family involvement in school, cannot succeed academically has been researched by urban school districts hoping to find the key to make a change. Urban districts with a high number of children who live in poverty, or have language barriers, or lack a strong parental unit struggle with the notion that they cannot change the future of these children. Family involvement dictates much of a
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