The Family Gathering At The Russell Family

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It was the Russell family gathering. It happened every summer on July 18, like clockwork. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and even second or third cousins showed up. Little girls with grass-stained knees were racing around inside and outside in their poofy dresses. Little boys, getting their dress pants dirty, played games in the backyard. Parents sat gossiping around polished white tables with wine glasses in their hands, the sun beating down on them. Today was particularly warm with a slight breeze, perfect weather for the family gathering. An array of birds were (1) perched on top of the white picket fence chirping. Evelyn Russell, who held this family gathering every year, was pacing back and forth, making sure that everything was in place. There always seemed to be a (2) pugnacious uncle who decided that a family gathering was a good place to fight. She had been (3) apprehensive all week, something seemed off about this year’s gathering. This annual occasion had (4) evolved over the years, in the beginning, it was only the immediate family but it grew gradually. Although most family members thought this was an (5) ecstatic time of year, there was the select few who felt that this was some kind of (6) ordeal they were required to go through.
Evelyn’s daughter, Brielle, was slouching on the brown leather couch as she swirled around the liquid in her paper cup. She had been through this too many times before, and quickly got disinterested. She found herself staring up at the…

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