The Family Is The Nucleus Of Civilization Essay

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One of the most important social institutions that has survived the test of time is the family. Will and Ariel Durant quoted that “the family is the nucleus of civilization”. Family is a unit of two or more persons united by marriage, blood, adoption or consensual union, in general consulting a single household, interacting and communicating with each other (Desai, 1994). A family is an important unit of society because of its power to influence the individual, household and community behaviour (Sriram, 1993). In India, family is a prized recognition and is an important determinant of one’s identity. This is primarily because one’s socio-demographic elements have also been thought to reflect one’s standing in the society. Also, India is a collectivistic culture and emphasizes the importance of the idea of a collectivistic form of living where family integrity, family loyalty, and family unity is highly valued.
Industrialization is often considered by the world economies as the vehicles of change in a modern world. More and more countries are becoming industrialized in the expectation of better development and growth. India too is following the same lead. The phenomenon of urbanization has been growing steadily in India and currently 31% of India’s population are inhibited in urban areas in 2011 as compared to 27.81% in 2001 (GOI, Census of India, 2011). The arrival of industrialization and subsequent urbanization has led to migration to urban areas, the growth of slums, and
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