The Family Mediation And Conflict Resolution Process

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Through a series of lectures, class discussions, reading and research, the objectives of this course included in-depth examining of the family mediation and conflict resolution process and techniques. The student endeavored on an educational journey to study mediation within the context of families as a means of resolving conflicts without resort to adversarial means such as litigation. Focus and attention was given to family dynamics, child development, the Texas Family Code, family violence, and facilitating of communication and dispute resolution. The components and benefits of family mediation and conflict resolution were introduced and thoroughly discussed. Through the reading of assigned texts, class instruction and lectures,…show more content…
As previously mentioned, unfortunately one of the many issues that one sees in life is conflict. Conflict is an inevitable part of life. But when conflict is present and tension is high, those involved begin to “vibrate” and the result, which is conflict, can be ugly and damaging with long-lasting effects. When people are anxious keeping calm, remaining friendly and using reason to tackle the issues at hand can be a very challenging thing to do. Being anxious and trying to resolve the conflict to everyone’s satisfaction is always a task. The ultimate goal however is to achieve a “win-win” situation for all involved. Thus, mediation and conflict resolution is significantly important to all stakeholders. In this reflection, the student will examine the use of system’s thinking and self-differentiation as a means to successful and productive family mediation and conflict resolution. In an anxious situation or during the time of conflict the most valuable thing one can do is remain in control of one’s own emotions. It is always important to remember that one cannot change anyone else; the only person that one can change is self. This can be incredibly difficult, particularly if one thinks the other party or people involved are being rude, thoughtless, unfair, and/or insensitive. But it is vital that one keeps cool, manage anxiety, and not meet anger
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