The Family Of A Family

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There was a family who came to the school as we were leaving out who wanted to see a counselor to discuss familial issues. We were walking to the car when the attendance keeper ran us down to come back for a parent. The counselors were all busy with some in meetings, covering classes, etc. Our student came in upset that morning. The mother, daughter, and cousin wanted to debrief the school on what happened the night before. The parents are going through finalizing divorce and a custody battle. They had two children together, our student, and their son, which was the topic of the meeting. The judge ordered that the son go with the father and the daughter with the husband. Previously, the mom had the daughter, son, and live in nephew. After the judges’ order, the little boy, still in elementary school, was separated from everyone in the family besides his father. He was the only child in the house. This is just some of the information gathered from our family meeting where they vented their concerns.
The mom is allowed only a certain amount of time on the phone and four hours a week of visitation with her son. They all called the brother the night before and spoke to our student’s little brother. Afterwards, he called trying to get his old cousin, who they say is like a male role model for him. He was sleep, so he proceeded to call the sister. He told the sister that he wanted to kill himself. Our student had constant tears flowing during our meeting as we…

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