The Family Of A Person

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Every person has their own family origin, and that’s what defines them. The family roots, name, and history are the main reasons for being. It is one of the most important information about a person. The family can help people to conclude what the type of person they are just by knowing their family background. In fact, genetics can also elaborate how families are a big part of every person. The way the person looks, their health, personality and many other are the genetics that people get from their families. The family can affect a person in many ways since they are a very significant in a people’s lives. From the day a person was born, until they die, the family is what they always have. Therefore, a person was defined by their family…show more content…
All in all, the main reason how a person become in that situation was because they were born that way, and their family is the main cause of it.

Secondarily, the family can affect a person on how will they view the world, and how would they live with it. There are certain things that we are doing just because we need to and our family tells us to. Some of it may become our permanent responsibilities in life. Me as an example, because of my family’s high expectations I became responsible for my studies. Having good grades was not just a thing that I just wanted; it was a responsibility for me because our family is expecting everyone to be successful. Another is the responsibility to have the best career; my family does not take enough as an answer because they always wanted the best or the highest. Living with an Asian family was really tough because it was like I’m always in a competition. However, in my perspective, I know that they are doing this just for my own good. In addition, there are some family traditions that were known in our family like celebrating family reunion annually. It became a part of us even it was not mandatory. There are also simple things that we do because of our family, and it became a tradition even though we are not aware of it. It was automatically built in our minds that we should live this way, and make it our lifestyle. Overall, one reason why the family is a big part of being is because they affect people greatly to their lifestyles
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