The Family Of A Single Parent Family

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In the United States, two-parent families were considered the norm. Historically, the myth of the perfect family unit consisted of a two-parent heterosexual home. The family unit has evolved though, and it is far more complex, diverse, dimensional and varies in ethnicity and family members than the status quo. Today, families are made up of same sex parents, adopted children,extended families, children raised by their grandparents, and a growing percentage of women, choosing to be single mothers, and single-mothers chosen by circumstances of life. With more than half of all marriages in the USA ending in divorce, every year millions of children enter a new family structure: the single-parent family. By the year 2000, just over 30% of all children in the USA lived in single-parent homes. Undeniably, there is a distinction between a single-parent and a two-parent home. With these new statistics, our goal is to understand how the academic outcomes of Latino children raised by single mothers can be improved. The findings and sources available to help children academically succeed are discussed. Most researchers agree that children fare better in a two-parent home. In the United States, the living arrangements of children in single- parent families vary greatly by ethnicity. However, in all ethnicities, more children live in single-mother than single-father families.In the book, Middle Childhood Development, A Contextual Approach, authors Mary Jo Zembar and Libby Balter

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