The Family Of The American Family

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Over time, the American family has proven to be the most resilient structure due to its ability to adapt to changes in our society, economy, and cultures. Families are and have always been the foundation of our society. Today, many types of families exist, making family life and society more diverse. Family types such as blended families, single-parent families, adoptive families, step-families, gay families, lesbian families, and transgendered families exist today. Families are shaped as a result of culture shifts and the economy. The changes and issues associated with these issues have impacted marriage and family roles and structures for both males and females in the home and out of the world of work.
The typical American family in the 1950’s was one who sat together at dinner, and who seemed to always be at peace. Consider it the old “Leave it to Beaver” days if you will. Mothers stayed home and served as housewives as well as took care of the children, while fathers went to work outside the home as the sole breadwinner for his family. He also took care of household responsibilities outside the home. Children didn’t spend near as much time in front of the television and didn’t have the computers and advanced technology to keep them occupied inside the home. Outside play was their extracurricular activity of choice. Life in the 1950’s was considered by many as the era of innocence.
The 1960’s brought on a whole new era and way of life for families. The…
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