The Family Of The Jcpenney Advertisement A Happy Family

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In the JCPenney advertisement a happy family of four sits on a clean living room floor embracing one another with hugs and smiles. There is fashionable furniture and decorations in the room, all of them in gender neutral colors. The family is well-dressed in soft blues and white. Every face in the ad is adorned with a tremendous smile. There is a caption in the upper-left corner that describes dad as cool and a best friend, bike fixer, swim coach, tent builder, and hug giver and rolled into one. Or two. The family is made up of a young daughter and son who appear Hispanic, both of them are near the toddler stage, and their two Caucasian fathers, both seeming to be in their thirties. This stylish clothing advertisement not only sells JCPenney’s clothes, but also makes an attempt at a reconfiguration of the American family model. Family is one of the closest emotional systems people can have. In this ad the family is also physically close to one another and showing one another affection. Each father is holding one of their children in a joyful hug. This example of the new model of the American family shows compassion beyond race. The ad conveys a message of embracing the diversity we find more prevalent every day in a progressing society. To welcome these simple differences with smiles. Both parents are also sitting on the ground at the same level of the children. By sitting they make themselves the same height as their children and create a sense of equality. The viewer is

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