The Family Process Is Very Different For Each Unique Family Essay

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The family process is very different for each unique family. There are a number of specific things that go into creating a family, such as, family paradigms, family rules, family finances, and gender. Some families excel in a few areas, while others struggle with almost all of them. It’s impossible to be perfect, especially in a family setting, but it’s important to look at the strengths and weaknesses in each area to decode how the family best works together and what they can improve on. Developing a strong family process is something that takes course over lifetimes, but conducting a thorough analysis is the first step in working towards improvement!
Our family, the Kinworthy’s, is made up of five people: mom, dad, and their three girls, Taylor, Megan, and Hannah. Two of the girls are moved out of the family home and the last is approaching her senior year in high school, so it’s been interesting to look at how our family processes have developed over the years. Dad works four jobs (one full-time, three part-time) and mom works two part-time jobs. We grew up LDS, attending church with mom every week. Dad was never religious and usually did yardwork on Sundays. All of us girls grew up in the dance studio and on a stage, always encouraged to be creative and to develop our talents. Each family is unique, but fully analyzing my own family of origin will hopefully help me with my future family in developing the same strengths, while recognizing and avoiding the…

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