The Family Roles Of Socialization Essay

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Everyone group are somewhat similar in terms of their family role in socialization. For instance, in Samia, Noel, Devika, Yzel and Stephen family, the main person they look up to for support is always the father. He’s either the handyman for the home, which everyone looks to when something needs to be fixed, or the the main person to help support the family with a shelter above their head. Although the group consisting of Guyanese, Haitian and Pakistani culture, they all depend on the father the most. Likewise, each of the group members mother picks up the role society had “set in stone” for us to follow. The mother, usually cook for everyone in the household as well as clean up the place. As for the grandparents and aunt for each members, they tend to follow the same ideological thinking. The grandparents for each member 's tries to make sure the grandchildren follow their religion and culture, as for the aunts and uncle, they make sure that the childrens don’t fall off track. Basically they act like sub-parents.
In each of the member 's families, they face similar situations. They face a situation where they witness their parents having an argument, some are big arguments and some are small. This is something each group member agree they have witness in their life. This is not something that is hard to believe since we are humans and will tend to have different opinions and disagreements which lead to these kind of situations. Although, with these kind of situations they
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