The Family Structure Of The United States

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The family structure throughout the last 100 years has changed drastically in the UK. Societies more casual state of mind towards marriage implies it is no longer seen as unusual to be included in a complicated family structure. For instance a Reconstituted family. This is the point at which one or both folks have been married before and had kids and have remarried to shape another family structure also called a step family. Families are no more simply nuclear families. Nuclear family is made up of married folks living with their children. Families now have more muddled structures as compared to the nuclear families. Other family structures include cohabiting parents, lone parent families, homosexual parent families and extended families. The last 100 years have seen changes in legislation, technology, attitudes and expectations and these are all elements that have prompted numerous new trends in the societies like the developing number of new sorts of family structures, more females in exceptionally regarded and paid occupations and an increment in divorce rates. ‘It is realized that 40% of all marriages now end in separation or divorce. There are numerous possible reasons for this pattern which include the (1949) legal aid act and the (1969) divorce law reform act which made separation procedures simpler.’ Another reason could be secularization and the declining disgrace and changing of society mentality towards divorce as more individuals had more adaptable
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