The Family Structures And Experiences

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CHRISTINE VALENTINE this very young age Steven is automatically thinking change is bad every time his stepfather would go out Steven in his mind, knew what was going to happen they would be nervous wrecks waiting his return and there the vicious cycle starts, Steven starts school and flourishes due to the structure being built up, socialisation beginning and the same thing every day this become Stevens safe place, where he can relax without the fear of his step Father bursting in shouting and screaming. And this approach follows him through his school life enabling to have his stability support and care he is seeking. Outcome 1 I will endeavour to explain the family structures and experiences, that Steven has gone through and explain the effects these have had on his behaviour. Also show the changing roles Steven has had within, his family through his life time so far, also mention what impact this had on the socialisation experience. In the second part I will I will use interpretive approaches in assessing the impact this had on the family and Steven. When Steven was born he lived within a nuclear family with his Mother and Father, however only lasted for 2 years, his father left and it was just Steven and his Mother living within a lone parent family for the next 3 years of his life. Stevens Mother met a new partner who moved in with them, thus again creating the nuclear family, a year later Stevens Mother had a baby called David, creating a
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