The Famous Chicago Style Hot Dogs

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In United States, the hotdog is as American as apple pie; however, the sausages were culturally imported from Germany, called Frankfurters and eventually popularized and renamed ,hotdog, in the U.S. In Chicago, there’s a specialty hotdog that almost all Chicagoans and tourist eat. It’s so special that there are over thousand made in small food stands throughout Chicago. On February 8th, 2014, I went to Donald’s Famous Hotdogs in Chicago Illinois. Donald’s is a small diner serving soup, sandwiches, and hotdogs. I ordered the best item on the menu, the Chicago-style hotdog. The Chicago style hotdog stands out from the rest because it’s delicious flavor, colorful presentation and variety of condiments.
What separates Donald’s Chicago style the other Chicago style hotdog is not the topping but the fundamental idea of hot dog, the sausage. There are two types of hotdog sausages, "wieners" which tend to contain pork and chicken or turkey. Theses sausages are inexpensive but lack in flavor while frankfurters or "franks" tend to more expensive, nevertheless are all beef and strongly seasoned. Equally important is the hotdog’s casing. Traditional casing is made from the small intestines of sheep; it’s known as "natural casing" franks. These sausages have firm texture and have a signature "snap" that releases its juicy flavor when bitten. Donald’s Chicago-style hotdog is served with an all-beef frank which adds to taste overall. The recognizable curved shape of the hotdog is

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