The Fantastic Author Of The World 's Most Wonderful Children

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Biographical Summary The fantastic author of the world’s most wonderful children’s stories is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, or better known by his pen name, Lewis Carroll (Heath). Coming from a clerical family in Cheshire, England, Dodgson grew up to be a fairly interesting mathematician, deacon, and writer (Heath). Ultimately prospering in the art and absurdity of children’s literature, which is what Carroll is best known for today. Who would later become the famous “Lewis Carroll”, was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. He was born January twenty seventh, 1832, as the third of eleven total children to Frances and Reverend Charles Dodgson, whom he was named after (Tyle). Growing up, Charles Dodgson was raised by gentle mother and a father who focused on tutoring his children, in hopes that each and every one of them would grow up to be wise (Tyle). Dodgson found an affinity in mathematics while studying at Rugby School and would later go on to further practice as a lecturer at Christ Church in Oxford, England (Tyle). In order to continue his work at Christ Church, Dodgson had to take deacon 's orders and pursue a religious life (Tyle). Although, Dodgson struggled with a terrible stammer that hindered his abilities to preach and instruct his pupils (Heath). Nonetheless, Dodgson followed through with his commitments and never married (Waggoner). Additionally, he spent an abundant amount of time with the Head of the Church’s daughter, Alice Liddell and her sisters (Heath). Carroll was
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