Essay about The Farce of Prison Rehabilitation

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The Farce of Prison Rehabilitation

After Earl Shriner was released from Prison in 1987, he raped and strangled a seven-year-old boy, then cut off his penis and left him to die (Leo). Reginald Muldrew, who is linked to more than 200 sexual attacks, served sixteen years and was released from prison, only to create trouble again in Indiana (Leo). Did these individuals receive the right punishment or rehabilitation for their imprisonment crime?

A prison is an institution for confining and punishing people who have been convicted of committing a crime. A prison is supposed to punish criminals by restricting their freedom of where they can go, what they can do, and with whom they may associate. In America, 1.1 million
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The weight lifting machines are luxuries that make inmates even stronger and more dangerous. Ron Martiscelli, the recreation director at Florida's Tomoka correctional facility, comments that "the guys that work out have more discipline and self-esteem than just about anyone else in the prison" (Taylor). Sergeant Andrew Lammers, of the Milwaukee House of Corrections, states that "[ex-cons] don't walk into a store, pop out their biceps and say, 'Give me your money'" (Taylor). Yet in 1993, a Kansas correctional officer was killed by an inmate weilding a weight.

The deterrence and rehabilitation of prisons is clearly a purpose that is not being fulfilled. The actions of Earl Shriner and Reginald Muldrew are examples that show this. Claiming prisons as being effective, one might say that these are just isolated cases. In 1993, fifty-three percent of prisoners released were reconvicted within two years (Reducing).

The idea of sentencing a criminal for a period of time in a prison isn't working, so prisons should focus more on changing their rehabilitation programs. Life in prison should be like the outside world as much as possible, given the fact of imprisonment. Prisoners would be less prepared if the prison environment is artificial and abnormal compared to the outside world they will have to encounter later on. A prisoner also needs to keep family ties. Research in
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