The Farm Case Bank

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The Farm Bank The Farm Bank has asked for the advice of your company. They recently installed a new MIS system which, as of yet, has not resulted in the expected increase in efficiency. The president, Mr. Swain, wants to find out why. Your supervisor recently requested an internal analysis of the onsite consultant’s work, who has already written a case summary document. You begin your assignment by reading this document. The Farm Bank The Farm Bank is an old and solid banking institution. Located in a regional marketing center, the bank has been active in all phases of banking, specializing in farm loans. The bank’s president, Frank Swain, 62, has been with the bank for many years and is prominent in many circles. The bank is…show more content…
The Meeting Valerie Wyatt finished her report and rushed into Al Hassler’s office and handed him the report. Hassler slowly scanned the report and then said, “You’ve done a good job here, Val. But now that we have the system operating, I don’t think we should upset the apple cart, do you? Let’s just keep this to ourselves for the time being and perhaps we can correct most of these problems. I’m sure Frank wouldn’t want to hear this kind of stuff. This system is his baby, so maybe we shouldn’t rock the boat with this report. Valerie reported to our on site consultant that she returned to her office feeling uncomfortable. She wondered what to do. After examining the internal review document you are ready to write your own analysis of the situation at Farm Bank. You retrieve a copy of your company’s case analysis form. The Farm Bank (Internal Review Document) I. Noticeable Differences A. Macro Problems: 1. Client system unprepared for change. 2. Client system unfamiliar with and unprepared for MIS B. Micro Problems: 1. Top-down approach excluded staff from decision and preparation for MIS 2. Survey should have preceded, not followed, MIS change 3. Al Hassler not assertive enough to fulfill Swain’s goals by keeping Swain informed. 4. Particulars in MIS need to be changed (limit information after determining needs, change format, and so forth).
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