The Farm Is A Dryland Pastoral System

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Ashley Dene has been owned by Lincoln University for over 100 years and is used for research and teaching. It is roughly 355ha where 200ha of irrigated land is being converted into dairy for further research. The rest of the farm is a dryland pastoral system, where extensive research is carried out on theme of the central progeny test. Unless otherwise stated, all information for this report was obtained from the owner of the property, (Chris Logan personal communication, 7th March 2016).

1.0 Resources of Ashley Dene

1.1 Labour
Ashley Dene employs 3 full time units of labour to ensure that both the farm and research carried out on the farm runs efficiently. This includes the farm manager, farm supervisor and a field technician. The supervisor is in charge of all the organization, major decisions for the farm, spending and most importantly the budget. The farm manager is in control of the everyday running on the farm. This includes controlling feed conservation, managing stock health, repairs and maintenance, animal nutrition and organization of contractors. The field technician is crucial for the research projects carried out on the farm all research needs to follow protocol and finished between time brackets. He is also responsible for the location of data and putting research into the correct format. There are also numerous contractors employed that are need for, heavy tractor work, feed conservation, fencing and shearing and crutching.

1.2 Infrastructure
There are

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